Residential and Commercial Snowplowing in the Cazenovia, NY Area

snowplowing in cazenovia

I have been doing snow management since 2010. I started with an SUV,  trailer and a snowblower. In 2015 I ditched the snowblower and started plowing with a truck.

I'm a single owner/operator business and I don't use subcontractors unless it's an emergency. This ensures that it will be me and only me plowing on your property.

I plow for both residential customers in Cazenovia only. I have a very tight plow route. Check out my service area below.

What You Can Expect:

  • High attention to detail.
  • I clear in front of your mailbox (if it’s on the road).
  • 6 months of on-call service from November through April.
  • I'm available on my cell phone during storms 315-391-3303.
  • Reflective driveway markers are supplied, installed and removed. This minimizes potential lawn damage.
  • Fall prep work is included. I do minimal trimming of tree branches and shrubs that stick out in the driveway so I don't damage my equipment.
  • Spring cleanup is included! I rake gravel, repair lawn damage, lay topsoil and spread grass seed as needed.
  • Shoveling available by request.
  • I do not offer salting.
  • Seasonal contract pricing only. I do not offer per-push (per-plow) pricing.

Snow Plowing Service Area

I mainly plow in the Village of Cazenovia, but I do go a little beyond as you can see in the service area map.

If you are inside the blue line or very close by, I can add potentially add you to my list, if I still have room. I usually have a completely full route but I do get openings from time to time so call ASAP.

You'll notice my route radius is pretty small. I intentionally maintain a small client list in a compact area to provide the best possible service to my customers.

The Plow Route

Fenner St, Burton St, Evergreen Ln, Burr St, William St, Farnham St, Corwin St, Lincklaen St, Lincklaen Terr, South TenEyck Ave, TenEyck Ave, Syossett Dr, Lincklaen Rd, Summerfield Rd, Ridge Rd, Glenwood Rd, Hoffman Rd, Sullivan St, Green St, Hurd St, Hickory Ln, Forman St, Albany St, Mill St, Chenango St, East Rd, Wellington Dr, Stone Quarry Rd, Charles Rd, Mosely Rd

*Route may change

plow map 23-24 with roads

Contact Me for a Custom Quote

Actual prices may vary based on your driveway's layout, difficulty, extras, etc.

Don't delay. My availability is limited.