Construction Consulting & Project Management

I have over 20 years of frame to finish construction experience. In 2021, I retired from hands-on construction work and started using my knowledge and expertise to help customers in similar but new ways. Whether you’re a contractor looking for some professional assistance or a homeowner looking to plan for a project, I can help!


  • Does owning a home overwhelm you or cause you stress? Do you call contractors, and not get calls back? Are you handy but just need a little guidance? Whatever your specific needs may be, I can help.
  • I can come and look over your entire house or just one specific project and give you advice for moving forwards.
  • I can provide a maintenance plan based on your specific budget for yearly upkeep.
  • Planning for a future project and curious how much it might cost? I can help plan and estimate!
  • Need some guidance for your DIY project? I’ll give you hands-on pointers and walk you through the job.
  • Need someone to act as a Project Manager for your next project? Let me handle the contractors for you and make sure the job gets done right.
  • Don’t spend thousands of dollars buying tools for a project that you’ll never use again. Since I don’t regularly use my tools anymore, now I rent them! I don’t advertise myself as a tool rental business, but I have almost every tool you could ever need.
  • Check out the Caz Contractor Directory to get a list of contractors who work in the Caz area.


Do you enjoy the hands-on work but don’t have time to manage your subcontractors? Do you need help with estimating? Are you looking for ways to improve your business and just make it run smoother?

  • Hire me to help with your estimating, planning and all aspects of business in general.
  • I offer business coaching for those just starting out or needing some fine tuning of their business.
  • Hire me to act as a Project Manager on your bigger jobs. Stick to doing the work you enjoy and let me handle the subcontractors, phone calls, meetings, materials and other tasks.
  • Need a tool? Maybe you just need it for one job, or you broke yours and you’re in a pinch? I have a lot of tools and they are all for rent.
  • Join the Caz Contractor Directory! Add your business to our growing list of contractors who provide services for homeowners in the Caz Area.

Maybe you have a different idea of how I can help with your next project or your business? Let's set up a call so we can see if I can help you out!

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